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gambling-587996_960_720Practice makes perfect, right? Well, it does help if you are at all serious about your gaming skills. Some games require skill to be successful, blackjack and poker are two good examples. Others do not require any skill, games like slots, money wheel, and keno. However, the ones that take some skill and thinking ability usually offer significant payoffs. These are worth mastering.

One rule of gaming that many ignore is: The longer you play, the higher the chance of losing. Games are based on mathematical formulas and the math will always, eventually, side with the house.

This is the reason why an exit point should be established before playing any game. When you win up to your pre established goal, quit. Don’t be greedy. Just as a person can defy gravity momentarily, a player can only defy the math for a short time.

Read about the top gambling mistakes people make and avoid them. Read it here.

There are some free online training sites where you can improve your skills at the various games. Here, you can learn more about the games, gamble with play money and determine how you would do with real money. These tools are a good way to prepare for your next gambling session.

Here are a few suggested sites to try:

Blackjack (This one includes the basic strategy chart)

Poker (Check out various top sites here)C

Craps (One of our favorite sites)


Now, play the free games and see if you would be a winner at the casino. You may decide to become a professional or just keep your day job. LOL.



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