Correct Action To Take When Casino Refuses To Pay Slot Win

silhouette-114436_960_720What is the correct action to take when you win a slot jackpot and the casino refuses to pay you? It happens, not regularly, but it does happen. If it does happen to you, you should know what to do. We will give you the correct action to take.

In these situations, the casino may claim that your jackpot win was a mistake and due to a machine malfunction. If this happens to you, what are your options? What action do you take to try and get your money? Be aware though, that legitimate malfunctions to take place.

In one case, Veronica Castillo, a young lady from Oregon visited the Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, Washington. For her, the Lucky Eagle wasn’t so lucky. She hit an $8 million dollar jackpot, or so she thought, and was then refused payment. The casino claimed the machine malfunctioned. All was not lost though. The casino did pay her $80.

In another case, a woman thought she won $41 million dollars. She, too, was denied payment and walked out, or crawled out, of the casino with only a $1.85 win.

So, under what circumstances could you think you have won a big jackpot, or even a small one, and not be paid? Payouts can be denied for several different reasons, but in most cases it will be due to a malfunction of the particular slot machine you were playing.

A problem for a layman would be how to know for sure if the machine really had malfunctioned? What recourse would you have if it happened to you? What would you do? What actions would you take? Hopefully, nothing violent.

The laws and regulations will vary from state to state that offer casino gambling. We will only consider the laws of Nevada for now.

First of all, it would be rare for a casino to willfully cheat a player due to the Nevada Gaming Commission that oversees casino gaming operations. They have a good sized enforcement division and have agents that patrol casinos undercover. These agents are police officers and have arrest powers. They are good at what they do. They are here to protect the interest of both you and the casino. To ensure an honest game is their goal.

To ensure that you know what your rights are under Nevada law, we contacted the Nevada Gaming Commission. Deputy Chief David Salas of the Enforcement Division was kind enough to return our call and help us understand the laws and procedures.

He was extremely helpful and thorough in his explanation about how these types of situations are handled in Nevada casinos. We won’t go into the all the detail here, but if you want to read the actual Nevada statute: Click Here

However, in summary, here are the important facts to know. If you are denied payment by a casino after a win, stop playing the slot machine immediately. The correct action to take is to contact the Nevada Gaming Commission.

The actual rule is that if the amount in dispute is under $500 the casino is required to give you the Gaming Commission’s phone number. If it is over $500 they are required to contact the Gaming Commission.

The good news is that slot machines keep a history of every play. The amount of playing history saved varies by machine and model. This is why it it’s important to stop playing immediately to make sure the game history is retained.

The Commission’s Agents and technicians have the ability to analyze what actually occurred and render a decision. If you, or the casino, disagrees with the decision, there are several layers of appeals that either party can pursue. Probably, the larger the disputed amount, the more pursuing that would take place.

The chances of this type of situation happening to you, or to anyone, are slim, but it does happen. So, now you know what actions to take.


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