Casino Thugs Break Your Bones If You Cheat?


What happens when someone tries to cheat a casino? Does the security team drag them to the back room and break their bones or squeeze their head in a vice like they did in the film “Casino”? Maybe we have seen too many movies where these types of things happen. Or, maybe not.

In the past, these things definitely did happen. In fact, some unlucky cheaters, who were caught, did receive broken bones. Others were murdered. This practice continued at least until sometime in the 1980s, but not as often as during the mob years.

We’ve seen the movies and television shows about people who try to cheat the casinos. There was a cable television series that aired called “Cheating Vegas.” It exposed the techniques of some of the people who did successfully, or not so successfully, cheat the casinos.

A 2008 film, “21,” depicted the story of an MIT team who went regularly to Vegas to beat the blackjack tables. In the movie, they didn’t really cheat. They counted cards. Card counting is a technique to help players determine what future cards will be and thus increase their odds of winning. However, Card counting is not illegal, but casinos will permanently ban you or throw you out for doing it if they catch you.

In the movie some of the players were caught and two were beaten. This did not happen in reality. The team was investigated by Griffin Investigations. This company was used by casinos around the world at the time. Their investigation did result in several of the team’s members getting black-booked, banned from playing blackjack. The black book is distributed world wide.

The real story of the MIT team doesn’t resemble the movie’s representation. The movie was much more fiction than fact, but still a fun movie for Vegas lovers. Read the true story here.

Some cheats are successful, but many are not. So, what happens today to those people who are taken to the back room? In reality, very few will be taken to the back room unless they are really cheating, changing the outcome of a game by illegal methods. For this, they will get arrested. The Nevada law that covers this is NRS 465.083.

Under the law, if you do cheat, you could face fines and jail time. But, again, card counting is not illegal in Nevada, but you can be thrown out or black-booked. Bottom line-Don’t cheat.



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