What’s Your Pick For A Vegas Theme Song?

notes-835869_960_720Cities don’t usually have theme songs, but Las Vegas should. What city has more songs associated with it than Las Vegas?

Have you ever thought about all the songs that you hear that make you think of Las Vegas? When you watch a Vegas movie like Fools Rush In, Honeymoon In Vegas, or Elvis Has Left the Building, what songs are played?

In most of these movies one of several songs will be sung or played sometime during the movie. One song that I remember hearing many times in movies is Fools Rush In by Elvis and also Follow That Dream by Elvis. If you had to nominate a song to be the official Vegas theme song, which one would it be?

Billboard has a list of 13 songs about Las Vegas. Some of these are:

“Luck Be A Lady” by Frank Sinatra

“Waking Up In Vegas” by Katy Perry

“Here’s To Las Vegas” by Barry Manilow

“Sin City” by AC/DC

You can find the entire list by Billboard here.

Of all the songs about Las Vegas, my vote for a Vegas theme song is “Viva Las Vegas.” The song was written in 1963 for Elvis’ movie, Viva Las Vegas and it’s a song that every Vegas lover knows. I remember at the end of the Legends In Concert show, the finale was always the Elvis impersonator singing “Viva Las Vegas.”  I haven’t seen the show in a while, but Elvis probably still ends the show.

If I might digress for a minute, there are some interesting facts about the movie, “Viva Las Vegas.” Here are a few quick notes:

  1. One of the guitar players was Glen Campbell. As many times as I’ve seen that movie, I never knew it was Glen Campbell.
  2. For its time, the movie was a blockbuster. It brought in $10 million dollars, but only cost $1 million to produce.
  3. In the film Ann Margaret and Elvis were married in the Little Church of the West. It is now the oldest wedding chapel in Las Vegas.
  4. One of the showgirls was Teri Garr. Who knew that?

Now, enjoy Elvis singing my submission for the Vegas theme song. What song would you nominate?

Here is an interesting video that captures the spirit of Las Vegas.




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