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Do Something Different In Vegas

pinball-280786_960_720You can’t go to Las Vegas, even for a week, and do even a small portion of all the unique, fun, weird, and adventurous things to do in Las Vegas. If you have already been to Vegas more than a few times, think about branching out and trying some of the more unusual places, events, or venues.

What we will do today is list a group of some recommendations to spice up your Vegas visit. We will attempt to list some things that will appeal to a wide variety of people. Not everyone enjoys jumping out of the top of the Stratosphere Tower, but some do. Some are happy just looking at some fine art. And, still others, enjoy browsing through the many museums in the area.

If you have tried any of these, please make some comments and let other readers know more about your experiences.  Thanks for being a part of

Shelby American: click here. Shelby cars, products, and events.

Hollywood Car Museum: click here. See cars from many famous movies and television shows such as Back to the Future, Knight Rider, Batmobile, and Robo Cop.

Double Down Saloon: click here. If you are into the bar scene here is a classic and famous place to sip the suds. Double Down Saloon is the home of Bacon Martini. There motto is “Shut up and drink!”

Freaking Brothers Trilogy of Terror: click here. Rated 4th best haunted attraction in the world.

Pinball Museum:click here. You guessed it. All those famous pinball machines we all love to play.

Battle Blast Laser Tag:  click here.



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