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Some “UnVegas” Things To Do (Videos)

alien-1015668_960_720Vegas visitors have easy access to all the many venues, shows, restaurants, displays, activities, and hotels in the area. This is why 42 million people will visit the city during this year. It is impossible to see and do them all even over a period of weeks. There is just too much to do and see there. Plus, you would have fairly deep pockets to afford to do them all. And, as great as these things are, they are standard fare for Las Vegas. We need some unvegas things to do.

But, let’s try some things that are uniquely different. These are the things that people wouldn’t normally talk about when they plan their trip to Las Vegas. In fact, unless a person did some research they might not even know these things exist.

There are some very worthwhile things, even unvegas things, to do that are within an hour or two drive from the Strip. Sometimes, after days of nonstop Vegas activity or a long losing streak at the tables, a short break is in order. Let’s look at a two fun diversions for your consideration.

The first recommendation is a fascinating place to visit. It is called Doom Town, sometimes called Dummy Town. Doom Town was built in the 1950s and was a town specifically built to study the effects of a nuclear explosion.

Doom Town, or more accurately, its remains, are still located on the Nevada National Security Site about 65 miles from Las Vegas. The town was, when built, populated by mannequins that were used to help determine the effect of atomic blasts on humans.

It’s fascinating that the same town that is shown in the video below from the 50s still has some of the original structures still standing. You will see them if you choose to take a tour, that is free by the way. Check out the video below that shows the effects of one of the nuclear blasts on this town. It’s a very interesting commentary on the times of the early 50s.

If you would like to visit the test site and Doom Town go here for more information about setting up a tour.

Another great place to visit is the Little A’Le’Inn. This is an inn, restaurant, and gift shop located in Rachel, Nevada, about 2 1/2 hours from Vegas. This is the gathering place of UFOlogist and curiosity seekers who hope to catch a glimpse of a UFO or maybe even ET himself. At the Little A’Le’Inn you can eat, sleep, or buy gifts and novelties.

Being so far out from the Vegas lights, Rachel offers great sky watching opportunities even if just to catch a view of a meteor or two. But, you may be lucky and see a UFO. Regardless, you are sure to run into some very interesting people, at least they look like people. You decide.

Check out the details for Little A’Le’Inn here. Warning: If you do visit the Little A’Le’Inn be sure to fill up your gas tank before you get there. There is no gas there. Also, be sure, especially in the summer, to take plenty of water with you in the event of car trouble.

Here is a quick tour of Rachel and Little A’Le’Inn



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