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Leave Kids At Home?

sibling-1023003_960_720Ah, the dilemma parents face when they decide to pack up and go to Las Vegas. Should we leave the kids at home??

hat should we do with the kids, they ponder? They can’t gamble. They can’t drink. They can’t go to some of the shows. So, what do we do with them?

This is a valid concern. Right off, we can tell you that there are things that kids can do and enjoy in Las Vegas. This is absolutely true, but it is not Disneyworld. It is more like Adultworld. Is Las Vegas really a family destination as promoted in the past? Not exactly.

Parents will have decide what they want their children exposed to. There is no way to avoid partially nude women and men and other adultish advertisements both on the Strip and on some of the hotel marquees.

On the Strip you will encounter men and women handing out little cards for, well, prostitutes promoted as escorts. And, you will see a truck pulling a large billboard up and down the Strip inviting those interested to arrange to have a woman in their room within 30 minutes. Just sayin.

But, I digress. For the children there is Adventuredome at Circus Circus. Adventuredome offers a variety of rides including family rides, premium rides, Junior rides, and coaster rides. Check out the details including prices here.

Other places to take the kids are M&M World, Hershey’s Store, or maybe a gondola ride at the Venetian. For a little fun action, there is the Tourament of Kings at Excalibur. Here folks will get to watch see some fair maidens, sword fights, and knights jousting their way to victory. A dinner is included and some fireworks too.

I remember when I attended this show, we were not given knives, spoons, or forks. We ate with out hands just as they did in medieval times. It was some sloppy fun for sure. The kids will probably enjoy this more than the parents.

Some other options are Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage, the Big Shot ride atop of the Stratosphere, Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, and the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor to name a few. Check out more options here.

Again, parents have to decide what’s best or not best for their children. We just want parents to know what they may be facing when they arrive with their brood. Viva Las Vegas!


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