Homeless Market Experts Line The Strip

Homelessness is a terrible thing and Vegas can be a cruel place for the homeless. As we reported before hundreds of people live underneath the Strip in tunnels. You can read that story here.

We realize that there is a large homeless community in Las Vegas, but there seems to be another group who pass themselves off as homeless, but are probably just great marketers. You won’t spend much time on the Strip without seeing these street peddlers.

When you walk up and down the Strip, you will see numbers of people, mostly men, sitting on the side of the road or on a overpass bridge. They want money, of course. The problem is that it can be hard to tell the real homeless person from the fake homeless that are simply trying to con people into giving them money.

Generally, all of these people will  have a sign and a money can or bucket. We have to admit that some of the signs held by these folks are truly creative. Some of these street folks may have a future in advertising. We will share a few of the signs you may see while in Vegas:

“My father was killed by Ninjas.” (One of my favorites)

“Wife had a sex change and ran off with my girlfriend.”

“Why lie? I need weed.”

“I’m like Obama. I want change.”

“”Need to get new Brittany Spears CD. Anything helps.”

If you want to see dozens more, go here.

There is also some really good talent to be found on the Strip. There are musicians of all kinds and even some acrobatic acts. And, usually you will find a magician here and there.

For those on a tight budget, why spend money on a show when there is all the entertainment you would want just by walking the Strip.


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