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Beer Guzzling Yoga Anyone?

silhouette-165527_960_720Most people would think that to take a yoga class you would go to a gym, dance studio, or maybe a small stand alone business. But, in Las Vegas there are a lot more choices. Some of these, one might think are a little weird.

How about a yoga class at a brewery with beer in hand. I know Yoga is supposed to calm the soul, but the beer should add some extra calming influence.

In Henderson, the CraftHaus Brewery actually offers such a beer laden Yoga class. It only cost $20 to attend the class including the complimentary beer. Cheers!!!

Ok, if that doesn’t light your fire how about some Yoga in triple digit heat at the Neon Boneyard? Why anyone would want to do Yoga in an oven-lke heat I don’t know, but you can. Good news though. Classes will be held in the shade where temperatures may plummet down to a hundred degrees or less.

The Boneyard classes will be held in the afternoons from 5:30pm to 6:30 pm and will begin on July 6th. Those who want to participate in the Boneyard will need to bring their own towels, mats, and water-lots of water.

Still not your cup of tea? Well, how about Yoga on the High Roller? They did hold a class on June 15th. We don’t know if there will be any repeat sessions, but that definitely is a unique place to practice the ancient art.

Now, if none of these options excite you but you would like to take some Yoga classes, there are quite a few free or low priced classes offered in Vegas. One place to check out is the Barefoot Sanctuary located in the rear of the Whole Foods at Town Square. Another one is Yoga Among the Dolphins located at 3400 Las Vegas Boulevard. One more to check out is Blue Sky Yoga at 101 E. Charleston.

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