19 Apr 2016

Your Expression As You Check Out Of Your Hotel

It used to be that when you checked out of your hotel room it was a painless experience. You knew what you were going to pay and what you would get in return. Not any more. At least, not in Las Vegas. If you are a regular visitor to Las

17 Apr 2016

Naver Pay Full Price For Vegas Shows

A big draw in Las Vegas is the incredible entertainment. Las Vegas truly is the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” There is something for almost anyone, shows from the daily “free shows,” that might cost you a drink or two to the spectaculars like the Cirque du Soleil shows. The good news

15 Apr 2016

This Is How Much Money You Will Lose

About 75% of people who visit Las Vegas will gamble during their stay.  This includes those whose purpose in coming was not to gamble. It seems the lure of gambling is just too strong to resist. The question is how many people who do partake of gambling in one form or

10 Apr 2016

For The RV Crowd

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there are a lot of RVs on the road. Las Vegas and surrounding areas are full of them. You may not see them on the Strip or downtown  so much, but they are all around. RVing to Vegas is something to consider now that there

Making a mistake
02 Apr 2016

These Mistakes Will Cost You

We don’t know if there are any statistics on how many Vegas visitors make this one big mistake. It is one mistake that can cost a visitor money, and like in my case, a good dose of misery. Read this short article and ensure you never suffer as I did. Whenever you plan

20 Mar 2016

Saving Money In A Gouging Vegas

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas in recent times knows it has become expensive. The prices border on voluntary robbery. Gouging is prevalent and there is no relief in sight. In light of the creeping prices over the years, it’s time to find ways to cut costs and save

17 Mar 2016

St. Patrick Day Beer Deals

A lot of beer will be consumed tonight in Las Vegas. It is St. Patrick Day, a day that traditionally heralds the beginning of a beer flow of gigantic proportions. This one day is a tremendous boom to local economies. WalletHub predicts a total of $4.4 billion will be spent

10 Mar 2016

Play These Games And Lose!

There are some casino games that are fun and get the adrenaline pumping, for sure. However, the odds of winning are so poor that it may be easier and cheaper to just write the casino a check and leave. If you are one of the millions of people who love

26 Feb 2016

Going To Las Vegas For First time? You Need This

When someone goes to Las Vegas for the first time, making choices of what to do and where to stay can be overwhelming. There’s just so much stuff to do. It’s pretty easy for a first timer, with limited time, to literally wear themselves out. Did you know that it is

23 Feb 2016

A Cheap Way To Tour The Strip

There are many ways to get around Las Vegas, but it can be expensive. Cabs can empty your wallet fast if you use them frequently and walking can be exhausting because nothing is close together in Las Vegas even though it may look like it. The Strip is four miles long