Making a mistake
07 Jul 2016

Mistakes That Will Make You Suffer!

There are mistakes and then there are the big mistakes. We don’t know if there are any statistics on how many Vegas visitors make this one big mistake. It is one of the major mistakes that can cost a visitor money, and like in my case, a good dose of misery. Read this short article

06 Jul 2016

Calculate Your Losses Before Gambling

If you know the math, which is easily obtained, you can calculate what you can expect to lose when you gamble in Las Vegas. And, the odds are high, very high, that you will gamble. In fact, about 75% of people who visit Las Vegas will gamble during their stay.

vegas free
24 Jun 2016

Get Around Vegas FREE? Really!

Cabs, Uber, the Deuce, and your tired aching feet can get you around Las Vegas. These all, with the exception of your feet, cost money, sometimes a lot if you are going very far. Transportation can be a large part of a person’s budget in Sin City. But, there are

14 Jun 2016

Plan Your Trip Wisely & Save A Bundle

Plan your trip wisely and you will save money, and get the most out of your trip to Las Vegas. Learning just a few simple things will do the trick. Forty-two million, or more, people will visit Las Vegas by the time this year ends. Forty three percent of these visitors will

23 May 2016

Save In Las Vegas-More Money In Your Pocket

When you go to Vegas, obviously, you want as much money as possible to spend on the fun things verses the necessary things. However, there are those pesky necessary things we have to pay for, things like lodging, food, transportation, tips, etc. Even though we can’t ignore the basics, we

13 May 2016

Enjoy the FREE Things In Vegas

In Las Vegas, the general rule is that nothing is free, even when it is said to be free. There is usually a catch. For example, a free show will cost you 2 hours in an arm twisting timeshare presentation. But, there is good news. There really are some truly

10 May 2016

Cutting Your Food Budget In Vegas

Since we launched last August, we have posted several times about saving money. As Vegas continues to become more and more expensive, we have to find ways to cut down on our personal budgets. This way we have more discretionary money for the table games, slots, shows, rides, and day trips. Today,

27 Apr 2016

Off The Beaten Path Shopping

There are tremendous shopping opportunities in Las Vegas. For the rich and famous, or for people with some serious green, there is the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops. For the budget minded there is the Las Vegas Outlet Mall, about two miles south of Mandalay Bay at Warm Springs. There is also the North

25 Apr 2016

Getting Around Vegas

The first question a new visitor to Las Vegas might ask is, “What is the best way to get around?” Another question could be, “Do I need a rental car?” One way or another, you have to get around. So, do you need a car? Probably not, unless plans include trips to

22 Apr 2016

A Way To Avoid The Crowds In Vegas

It’s a busy time in Las Vegas. In fact, Las Vegas is almost always busy, but some times are better for visiting. If you don’t plan your trip correctly, you may have to deal with large crowds and pay more for your room. Now some folks don’t mind the crowds, but