31 Jan 2017

Romance Awaits You In Las Vegas Now

Romance awaits you in Las Vegas. Thousands of couples get married in Las Vegas. In fact, about 115,000 weddings take place each year or about 315 on any given day. So, it’s fair to say that Las Vegas is a romantic city. People come here to marry, honeymoon, and take advantage of

30 Jan 2017

Trips Back In Time To the Vintage Wild West

There are many day trips you can take from Las Vegas. Some of these trips brings visitors back to another time in Nevada history. One way to change gears on your Vegas vacation is to leave the Strip for a spell and visit a ghost town or maybe a recreated Wild

29 Jan 2017

Yes! There Are FREE Things To Do In Las Vegas

Yes, it’s free! No cost! We’ve often said that there isn’t anything free in Las Vegas. And, generally, this is absolutely true. There is usually a catch, however, there are some free, or almost free things to do including some excellent shows. Let us say though that the shows may require

28 Jan 2017

Ten Of The Coolest Facts About Las Vegas

This isn’t a quiz. It is just a compilation of ten not-so-well-known facts about Las Vegas. There is nothing common about our favorite city. Hope you enjoy these tidbits and trivia points. Next time you are in Las Vegas, maybe you will think of some of these. Generally, a casino has to

27 Jan 2017

Risky Gamble Saves International Shipping Company

The essence of gambling is risking something in hopes of winning more than the funds that are put at risk. One man made an extremely risky gamble, one that ultimately saved his  fledgling company, a company that we all know so well today. Other than deliveries of packages, how do Federal

27 Jan 2017

Popping The Question And Tying The Knot In Las Vegas

Hey guys and gals. Valentines Day is just a few weeks away. Are you thinking of getting married or engaged? Is it time to be popping the question? Las Vegas is ready for you. People, thousands of them each month, tie the knot in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the

25 Jan 2017

Hauntings On Vegas Strip Still Abound

Even in today’s Las Vegas, there are active hauntings. People continue to report unusual ghostly activities.Is Is Las Vegas haunted? The city that seems to radiate life, vitality, excitement, and constant activity does not at first look like a place a person would go searching for ghosts. However, if that

23 Jan 2017

Forgotten Fun Facts About Las Vegas

The following are less known or forgotten facts about Las Vegas. These are fun to know and share. Las Vegas is unique and fascinating. There is no place in the world like it. Las Vegas is not your usual American city in any way. It defies logic and common sense much

22 Jan 2017

Bob Is A Little Too Excited To Be In Vegas

Please, go to Vegas, but don’t be like Bob!

21 Jan 2017

Champions Of Vegas Trivia Try This Pop Quiz

Welcome trivia champions. We love Vegas trivia and so many of our friends do too. If you think you know Las Vegas give this trivia quiz a try and see if you are one of the best of the best. After you finish the quiz, please let us know how