16 Sep 2015

The Bugsy Siegel Flamingo Myths-Don’t Believe The Movies

So much that we know, or think we know, about Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel is all wrong. Movies and books about this famous mobster, in many cases, have presented a false narrative. We have been led  to believe certain things that are not even close to the truth . First, Bugsy was

16 Sep 2015

Do You Know This Neon Rider?

Las Vegas has always been known for its neon lights. These lights are as much of Las Vegas history as is the gambling, the mob, and entertainment. The neon rider in the photo used to sit at the Hacienda Hotel & Casino which was located where Mandalay Bay is today. Anyone

15 Sep 2015

Guess Which Celebrity Silenced Vegas Vic?

In Downtown Las Vegas, on Fremont Street, you will see the 40 foot tall Vegas Vic. He is as famous a landmark here as the Eiffel Tower is in Paris. Vegas Vic himself is a celebrity. But, a fellow celebrity had him silenced. In 1966, Actor Lee Marvin was filming

14 Sep 2015

The “Reel” Truth About Slots-Know What It Takes To Win!

Slot machines are popular with players and casinos love them. They should love them. These seductive bandits haul in a majority of the casino’s gaming revenue each year. When you walk into a casino slots dominate the landscape. They are everywhere. In Vegas you will find them in local stores,

13 Sep 2015

Some Current Vegas Dining Specials

Special offers, discounts, and deals come and go in Vegas. Here are few to catch now: 1. If you are a beer drinker check out the specials at Casino Royale on the Strip. They offer some Coors Lite on draft for 75 cents. 2. Planet Hollywood offers one of the

12 Sep 2015

Mob Lawyer To Mayor Of Las Vegas? Really?

When folks are asked who they associate with Las Vegas, the answers will vary. The senior crowd may mention Liberace, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr. Others may associate Elvis, Wayne Newton, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, or Elton John. Probably, few would bring up Oscar Goodman. However, Goodman

11 Sep 2015

Get Away And Cool Off At Mount Charleston

Mt. Charleston is only 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas and is less than an hour drive from the Strip. It is part of the Spring Mountains Range and is the tallest peak in Nevada. It stands at 11, 916 feet at its highest point. In summer months Mt. Charleston

10 Sep 2015

Thinking About A Vegas Wedding?

Las Vegas is known for many things. Weddings have to be near the top of the list. Each year 110,000-120,000 couples will tie the knot in Las Vegas. Many of these couples will choose one of the 50 or more wedding chapels sprinkled throughout the area. Others may choose a

09 Sep 2015

Optimum Time For Vegas Visit Is Now

The time is now. This is the perfect time of the year to come to Las Vegas. People do come the year round, but some times are better than others. Here are some reasons why now is the time. For one thing the daily temperatures are way down from the summer highs. The

08 Sep 2015

One Of The Best Known Signs In The World

Whether you have been to Las Vegas or not, you surely have seen the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. It has an interesting history. In 1959, Ted Rogich, who owned the Western Neon Company commissioned Betty Willis to create the sign. The price was a mere $4000. What’s