26 Sep 2015

Caesars Entertainment In Trouble-Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Trouble

In Vegas, Caesars Palace sits in the very heart of the Strip. It is one of the most well known properties in Las Vegas. What may not be so well known is that Caesars Entertainment owns, in addition to Caesars Palace, dozens of casinos, seven golf clubs, and other assets.

25 Sep 2015

Shhhh! Vegas Has A Secret Airline-Flights To Area 51

People love mysteries and secrets. One secret that has fascinated young and old alike for decades is Groom Lake, AKA Area 51. It is located northwest of Las Vegas There is a plethora of books, videos, and movies that explore the mysteries of Area 51. Are there aliens there? Was

24 Sep 2015

Bet You Don’t Know Who Foresaw And Named “The Strip”

As we reported before, many people, because of the movies and television programs think Bugsy Siegel was a visionary and foresaw the future of the Las Vegas Strip. This is not the case. So, if he was not that person, who was? If you read many books or watch YouTube videos

23 Sep 2015

Will You Trick-Or-Treat In Vegas?

Maybe you never thought about going to Las Vegas for Halloween, but maybe you should consider it. Vegas celebrates the spook season in various ways as it does Christmas and other holidays. Haunted Ghost Tour How about a Haunted Ghost Tour? On each Saturday evening in October the Luxor’s Titanic

22 Sep 2015

Getting Around in Vegas-What Are The Options?

The first question a new visitor might ask is, do I need a rental car? Probably not, unless plans include trips to Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, or other tourists stops outside the city. If a rental is desired, rates can be found for a compact car as low as $28

21 Sep 2015

Can You Mix An Atomic Cocktail? Recipe Inside

In the early 1950s, beginning in 1951, Las Vegas became obsessed with the Atomic Age. The Chamber of Commerce began marketing the city as “The Atomic City.” Clark County actually changed its official seal to include a mushroom cloud. Much of the marketing campaigns of both local government and businesses

21 Sep 2015

Prelude To The Founding of Las Vegas

There were intermittent and accidental discoveries of the Las Vegas valley by early explorers. Most historians agree that the first non Indian to visit the area was Rafael Rivera, a scout for a Mexican trader, Antonio Armijo. However, it was quite a while, about 8 decades, later when Las Vegas became

19 Sep 2015

Historic Piece Of World History Resides In Men’s Bathroom

There are replicas of famous and historic places in Las Vegas. There are the Eiffel Tower at the Paris and the canals of Venice at the Venetian to name two. But, there is one place where you can find the real deal. And, it’s hidden away in a men’s bathroom downtown. November 9, 1989 was

18 Sep 2015

Internationally Famous Singer Fired In Las Vegas!

Even the most successful people in the world have their setbacks, defeats, and humiliations. Vegas is a town that is all about money. This is no secret. So, if someone doesn’t bring in the green they are shown the door. However, who would think this could happen to one of

17 Sep 2015

Vegas Officials Paint Fremont Street Buskers Into A Circle, Literally

If you have been in Downtown Las Vegas or on the Strip, you have encountered street buskers, or street entertainers. They will be impersonators of some of your favorite celebrities. They may sing, dance, or just pose for a photo. On a recent trip, this writer encountered Michael Jackson, Spiderman, and