30 Jan 2017

Criminals Make Their Home On Vegas Strip

Criminals have found a good place to ply their trade, the Las Vegas Strip.  Visitors would not expect to find much crime where there are always roving crowds of people walking the Strip day and night. But, it is here where many crimes are taking place. The crime numbers are

29 Jan 2017

Seed To Weed Industry Is Smoking Hot!

The marijuana business is about to really take off in Las Vegas. There are new seed to weed growing complexes popping up in and around the Las Vegas valley. Marijuana will become a major revenue maker in Las Vegas and likely another reason people will come to the area. The result

26 Jan 2017

Innovations In Table Games Come Slow And Hard

New table games or variations in them are hard to bring to the casino floor. There is a lot time and paperwork that must be invested to bring new innovations to gaming. Most casino visitors are aware of the basic table games that they will encounter. There basic and usual

25 Jan 2017

Debut Of New Skill-Based Machines May Draw Millennials

The debut of the new skill-based machines is now history. These first machines have found their home at Harrah’s Casinos. So, far Atlantic City is where these first machines can be found. We have reported in the past that casino revenues on slots has decreased 17% since 2009. This is

23 Jan 2017

News, Rumors, And Tidbits 2017

Las Vegas is never static. Change is constant, fun is paramount, and each visit offers something new. Today, we want to share some of the news, rumors, and tidbits about Las Vegas happenings. On the entertainment front, one of Vegas’s most popular shows, long running shows, Donnie and Marie, will

22 Jan 2017

Facelift Coming To A South Strip Hotel

It won’t be a new hotel, but in some ways it will. The makeover, the facelift, will be pervasive and offer a new life to an old friend. It will also create a new hotel within its walls. The south Strip is about to change, again. One of Vegas’s choice hotels will soon

20 Jan 2017

Bye-Bye Free Drinks While Gambling

Bye-Bye is right. Casinos never stop trying to increase their bottom line and we can’t blame them. They are in business. Now, some casino operators are eliminating those free drinks that we are used to getting while we gamble. You may still be able to get some free drinks, but you will

19 Jan 2017

Driverless Cars On Fremont Street?

Technology is launching us into the future faster and faster every day it seems. One recent development is the introduction of driverless cars. Automation of so many things is becoming standard fare. It won’t be long before we will see these new driverless vehicles shuttling Vegas visitors to and fro, up

19 Jan 2017

Raiders To Bring Pro Football To Las Vegas

The story has been developing over a long period of time with its ups and downs, yeas and nays. However, it appears to be almost a sure thing, that the Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas. In the past there have been the issues of finance, location, and hotel taxes to settle.

18 Jan 2017

Parking Fees Continue To Spread Across Strip

Parking fees are spreading across Las Vegas. More hotels join in to increase their revenue and strip you of more cash even before you get inside their casinos. We knew it was going to happen. It’s not a surprise to us who stay up on things that happen in Vegas, However, it may