13 Oct 2015

Vegas May Become Pot Tourist Stop

Colorado took the plunge several years ago and legalized recreational marijuana. Other states have slowly joined the pot parade at least allowing medical marijuana. It was inevitable that the trend would add some new lights to the Vegas landscape, the glow of marijuana weed. Well, the doors are now open for the

11 Oct 2015

George Strait Among First Performers At New Vegas Arena

The dates are set. On April 22-23, 2016. George Strait will grace the stage at the new Las Vegas Arena. Just as Elvis is called the “King of Rock and Roll,” George Strait is referred to as the “King of Country Music.” Tickets just became available and range in price

07 Oct 2015

The Story Of Las Vegas Told In Numbers-It Adds Up to Fun

  When visitors come to Las Vegas they usually don’t think about numbers except their own odds in beating the house. These are some very important numbers to know too. But, we will talk about other numbers, numbers when added up tell a story, a true picture of what makes

26 Sep 2015

Caesars Entertainment In Trouble-Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Trouble

In Vegas, Caesars Palace sits in the very heart of the Strip. It is one of the most well known properties in Las Vegas. What may not be so well known is that Caesars Entertainment owns, in addition to Caesars Palace, dozens of casinos, seven golf clubs, and other assets.

17 Sep 2015

Vegas Officials Paint Fremont Street Buskers Into A Circle, Literally

If you have been in Downtown Las Vegas or on the Strip, you have encountered street buskers, or street entertainers. They will be impersonators of some of your favorite celebrities. They may sing, dance, or just pose for a photo. On a recent trip, this writer encountered Michael Jackson, Spiderman, and

07 Sep 2015

Cops Attacked in Las Vegas

  The war against our police officers is ongoing. The latest attacks occurred in Las Vegas over the weekend. The latest took place at the intersection of Tropicana and Nellis early Sunday morning. The suspect is in custody. The wounded officer is expected to fully recover with a wound in

06 Sep 2015

Boutique Hotels Are A Popular Option in Vegas

Las Vegas has recovered from the economic crash of 2008. Building has resumed both in the housing and commercial markets and there is a new trend emerging. One trend that visitors may not notice at first is the increase of boutique hotels that are appearing all over the strip. These hotels

05 Sep 2015

Two Historic Casinos Close

In May 4th of this year the Riviera Hotel and Casino closed its doors forever. The property was purchased by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority for $182,500,000. It will be imploded sometime in 2016, but no earlier than February. The Riviera was a 60 year survivor on the