13 Feb 2017

Story of the Strip And The Man Who Named It

Many people, because of the movies and television programs think Bugsy Siegel was a visionary and foresaw the future of the Las Vegas Strip. This is not the case. Not even close. So, if he was not that person, who was? What is the true story about the visionary who did see

11 Feb 2017

Celebrities Got Hitched In Las Vegas-Big List

Las Vegas is where numerous celebrities got hitched in Las Vegas over the years. Many have untied the knot there too. It works both ways. Vegas is the place for quickie marriages and divorces. If you drive Las Vegas Boulevard up the Strip all the way to the Fremont Street area, you will

11 Feb 2017

Crimes Still Remain Unsolved In Nevada

Crimes often go unsolved. Even some horrendous crimes that ignite public outrage can go cold and disappear from the focus of the public. Nevada has quite a few of these cold cases. We will share some of these with you. The first case concerns a robbery at the now late and imploded

09 Feb 2017

Remembering Our Favorite Vegas Hotels Of the Past

We want to take a few minutes for remembering some of our favorite hotels and fond memories from past years. So many of the historic hotels are now gone, most were imploded and all the evidence of their existence removed. All we have left are the memories. This is a eulogy

04 Feb 2017

Vegas Trivia That Is Fun To Know And Share

There are entire books and websites dedicated to sharing Vegas trivia. These little historical facts and tidbits help people understand why Vegas is such a fun and fascinating place. We will share some of this trivia as a regular part of this site. As you learn, laugh, or marvel, you will come to understand why Las Vegas is the

03 Feb 2017

Ageless Casino Has Never Lost Its Charm Or Its Fans

It is ageless. It is incredible. It is historic. There is not another hotel in Las Vegas with the rich history and long life as this special, much loved hotel. This hotel and casino is known around the world and has not lost any of its charm, beauty, or popularity. It sits

01 Feb 2017

Flat Tire Led To First Strip Hotel In 1941

Something as common as a flat tire, was the catalyst that ultimately led to the first hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. A man who was simply passing through the Las Vegas area, caught a vision of future things and added an important chapter in Las Vegas history. When you read Vegas

31 Jan 2017

Legacy Of This Man Lives On Vegas Strip

You may not know this man’s name, but you likely have visited or stayed at his hotels. He’s dead now, but he left a tremendous legacy that lives on today. Jay Sarno was a hotel builder and started his career in Florida, Georgia, and California. He was one who was always

29 Jan 2017

Topless Shows Started Way Back In…

Topless shows are not hard to find in Las Vegas although they are not as prevalent as they were in earlier times. Las Vegas is Sin City. It markets itself as such.  So, almost anything goes. Part of Vegas’ sin moniker arises from the adult entertainment industry that takes various forms. There is

28 Jan 2017

Mob Museum To Celebrate Five Year Success

One of Vegas’ truly unique attraction is the Mob Museum located on Steward Avenue, just two blocks north of the Fremont Experience. From February 10-14 there will be special events taking place in celebration of a five year anniversary of success. One of the highlights of the celebration period will be